Engine Degreasers - Astound


Premium Cleaner-Degreaser for Engine and Shop Use

A premium quality, water-based detergent designed for cleaning engines, transmissions and other automotive parts and equipment. Contains a powerful blend of solvents, alkalis and surfactants for unsurpassed cleaning performance. May also be used for degreasing ferrous metals (iron and steel), machinery, equipment, walls, floors, and any other area where troublesome grease and soil must be removed. Ideal for use in steam cleaners or pressure washing equipment. Not recommended for use on glass, magnesium or aluminum surfaces. Leaves engines and parts thoroughly clean. Highly dilutable and economical to use.

88041 4x1 gal. case
88005 5 gal. pail
88015 15 gal. drum
88030 30 gal. drum
88055 55 gal. drum
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