Foam Brush & Manual Detergents - Sparkle (Cherry)

Sparkle (Cherry)

Cherry-Scented Foam Booster and Brush Lubricant

High active, mildly acidic detergent designed for use in tunnel, friction and self-serve car washes. Provides excellent lubricity to bristles and cloth while generating abundant, long lasting foam that clings to vertical surfaces and emulsifies soil and grime. Fortified with chelants and mild organic acids. May be applied through foam guns or foaming wands, or by direct feed to bristles or cloth. Improves the performance of clear coat protectants and drying agents by removing soils, neutralizing alkalinity and reducing water spotting. Great fragrance for enhanced customer appeal. Pumps easily in all temperatures. Highly dilutable and economical to use. 

82605-C 5 gal. pail
82615-C 15 gal. drum
82630-C 30 gal. drum
82655-C 55 gal. drum
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