Prep Detergents - Citrus FoamSolve

Citrus FoamSolve

High-Performance Foaming Citrus Prep Detergent and Bug Remover

A high performance, mildly alkaline prep detergent for use in tunnel, in-bay and self-serve car washes. Penetrates and removes road film, bug residues and other stubborn soils from automotive surfaces prior to washing. Fortified with d’limonene, a citrus by-product with tremendous soil and grease cutting characteristics. Excellent for use as a pre-solve emulsifier for tar, bugs, heavy road film and grease deposits. Also an excellent product for hard surface cleaning and pressure washing heavily soiled surfaces. Very high foaming provides extended contact time on car panels, wheels and other vertical surfaces. Pleasant citrus fragrance. 

83005 5 gal. pail
83015 15 gal. drum
83030 30 gal. drum
83055 55 gal. drum
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