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Melt Down

Ice Melt Residue Remover and Floor Neutralizer

A mild acidic detergent and floor neutralizer for use on resilient tile flooring, entry matting and carpeting. This product chemically dissolves calcium chloride, ice melt and road salt film while providing deep cleaning without dulling or stripping. Removes white, chalky discoloration from all types of ice melting compounds. Neutralizes residual alkalinity left behind by strippers or alkaline detergents, thus assuring proper adhesion of floor finish. Extends the time between recoating floors by dissolving abrasive residue and neutralizing alkalis. Restores floor to its original finished appearance. Contains no harmful alkalis, solvents or other ingredients which might dull or remove finish. Effective on all types of resilient flooring and carpeting. Fresh lemon scent.

44141 4x1 gal. case
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