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Bowl & Restroom Cleaners - Hold Fast

Hold Fast

High Performance Clinging Bowl and Restroom Cleaner

A thickened acidic detergent which provides excellent cleaning performance on hard surfaces in restrooms, shower and bathing areas, swimming pool and whirlpool areas, and much more. Much safer to use on chrome, brass and other polished metal fixtures than hydrochloric acid-based products. Thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces for increased contact time and improved cleaning performance. Immediately attacks and dissolves hard water stains, lime scale, rust, oxidation, uric acid salts, mineral deposits and other difficult inorganic soils. Very effective on toilet bowls, urinals, bath tubs, sinks, tile walls and floors, plumbing fixtures, countertops, backsplashes, drinking fountains, stainless steel surfaces, swimming pools walls and decks, and many other areas. Non-fuming. Pleasant cherry fragrance.

37512 12x1 qt. case
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