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Multi-Purpose Citrus Peroxide Cleaner-Degreaser-Deodorizer

An outstanding new product which performs a multitude of cleaning and degreasing functions. Fortified with citrus solvent and hydrogen peroxide for superb degreasing, stain removal and odor elimination. Solvents penetrate and emulsify grease and soil while peroxide oxidizes stains and provides color safe bleaching. Ideal for use on restroom surfaces including tile and grout, countertops, fixtures, dividers, shower walls and floors, glass and much more. Also excellent for carpet extraction or bonnet cleaning and for removing carpet stains. Safe to use--contains no harsh alkalis or strong acids. Destroys odors while cleaning. Readily biodegradable. Fresh citrus fragrance.

34441 4x1 gal. case
34455 55 gal. drum
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