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Odor Control - Bio-Zyme


Enzymatic Cleaner, Deodorizer and Waste Digester

An outstanding enzymatic product which performs a multitude of cleaning, waste digesting and deodorizing functions. Contains a suspension of live bacteria which have been specifically cultured for digesting grease and other organic waste as well as the odors they cause. Ideal for use in restrooms to eliminate uric acid and its odors from floors, walls, dividers, and fixtures. Also an excellent product for digesting waste and deodorizing in garbage areas (dumpsters, disposals, chutes, etc.), pet areas, taverns and kitchens (non-food contact surfaces). A powerful waste digestant for drains, grease traps, septic systems and industrial or municipal wastewater. Breaks down hair, grease, urine, fat, soap, scum, food residues and many other organic soils. Biodegradable. Pleasant lemon fragrance.

36512 12x1 qt case
36541 4x1 gal. case
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