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Clear Cut

Non-Iodine Blended Sanitizer for CIP and COP Systems, Tanks and Backflush Systems

An EPA registered sanitizer for sanitizing and descaling in food processing plants and dairies. It is designed for use on filling equipment, tanks, transfer lines and most plastic, stainless and other acid-resistant surfaces. Effective against Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli when used as directed. Low foam level makes this product an ideal choice for CIP circulation cleaning processes. Also excellent for COP immersion cleaning of valves, pipes, fittings, parts, utensils and similar small items. Removes milkstone and hard water scale accumulations while sanitizing. May be used at a variable dilution rate of 60-180 ppm depending on the application. Does not contain iodine. Follow label directions for contact time and procedures required for proper sanitizing.

33841 4x1 gal. case
33805 5 gal. pail
33855 55 gal. drum
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