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Low Foam CIP Acid Detergent for Food Plants, Beverage and Foodservice

High active, low foaming acidic CIP cleaner for use in milk processing plants, cheese factories, dairy farms, restaurants, fast food operations, and other food processing and foodservice applications. Formulated to rapidly penetrate and dissolve milkstone, lime scale, rust, oxidation, hard water scum and mineral deposits. Ideal for use in dairy pipelines and equipment, milk bottling machinery, storage tanks, milk shake machines, ice machines, beverage and coffee dispensing equipment, steam tables, dishmachines and much more. Low foam level improves rinsing and removal of chemical residue. Safe for use on stainless and nickel surfaces. Contains a synergistic acid blend which works faster and safer than standard lime scale solvents. Dilutable for economical usage. USDA A3.

93005 5 gal. pail
93055 55 gal. drum
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