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Peracetic Acid 5% Solution for Food Plants and Laundry

This product is a 5% active peracetic acid formula for bleaching and deodorizing in food plant, beverage, brewery and other food processing operations. Ideal for CIP cleaning of pipelines, fillers, vats, tanks, food contact surfaces, processing equipment, fillers, conveyors and other equipment used in processing and packaging meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, nuts, vegetables, eggs, beverage, beer, dairy and more. Also excellent for use on non-food contact surfaces in institutions, non-medical facilities, animal and poultry premises, packing houses, coops, crates, etc. For laundry, this product provides excellent bleaching and brightening at lower temperatures than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, resulting in substantial energy savings and reduced damage to fabric. Safe on colors and compatible with most natural and synthetic fibers. Readily biodegradable.

26205 5 gal. pail
26215 15 gal. drum
26255 55 gal. drum
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