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PowerTemp CIP

Low Foaming Alkaline CIP Detergent for Food Plants

High alkaline detergent for low foam CIP cleaning of machinery, tanks, pipelines, equipment and other hard surfaces in food processing plants. Ideal for agitated cleaning systems where excessive foam may cause problems with rinsing or damage to pumps. Excellent for hard water applications. Formulated for demanding maintenance requirements in food processing operations, meat and poultry plants, seafood pants, dairies, breweries, canning operations, bottle plants, etc. Removes difficult grease, oil, carbon and soils quickly and effectively. Contains powerful alkalis and surfactants for unmatched emulsifying power. Fortified with chelating agents for excellent performance in hard water areas. Rinses completely. Non-flammable and biodegradable. Not recommended for use on aluminum, tin, galvanized or other non-ferrous metal surfaces.

93905 5 gal. pail
93955 55 gal. drum
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