Food Plant Cleaners - Rip Tide

Rip Tide

Low Foaming CIP Detergent for Food Processing Plants

Super strength alkaline detergent dissolves the toughest deposits of protein, carbon, oils, grease and food soils. Low foaming for circulation through transfer lines, fillers, tanks and other CIP processes. Also excellent for pressure washing, tank and fryer cleaning, soak and immersion cleaning, and atomizing applications. Formulated to provide powerful cleaning in food plants, dairies, beverage plants, breweries, smokehouses, meat and poultry plants, and many other operations requiring exceptional performance with low foam. Contains a powerful blend of alkalis and surfactants for unsurpassed penetration and removal of stubborn soils. Avoid use on aluminum, galvanized metals, tin, pewter or painted surfaces.

93505 5 gal. pail
93555 55 gal. drum
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