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Low Foaming Iodine Cleaner-Sanitizer for the Bottling and Canning Industries

This product is an EPA registered sanitizer for use in beer bottling, soft drink bottling, milk bottling and food canning industries. Designed for sanitizing most types of equipment, tanks, vats, conveyors, filling and bottling machinery and other similar surfaces. Low foam level makes this product an excellent choice for CIP cleaning processes used in filling lines, transfer lines, tanks and vats. Smaller items may be cleaned using COP procedures by immersion in a solution of this product. Also may be used for pre-cleaning hard surfaces such as walls, floors and conveyors. Diluted at 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water for sanitizing, which yields 25 ppm titratable iodine. Use an iodine test kit (or test strips) to assure consistent solution strength. Follow label directions for contact time and procedures required for proper sanitizing.

33721 2x1 gal. case
33705 5 gal. pail
33755 55 gal. drum
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