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EPA Registered Bacteriostatic Laundry Softener Concentrate

This product is a laundry sanitizer and softener for use in industrial and institutional laundry applications. When used as directed, this product provides residual bacteriostatic activity. Use 1.00 fluid oz. of this product per 100 lbs. of fabric. Use a maximum of 60 gallons of water per 100 lbs. of fabric. To soften laundered fabrics and obtain residual bacteriostatic activity against gram negative and/or gram positive odor-causing bacteria, dilute the appropriate amount of this product in one to two gallons of water and then add to the wash-wheel at the beginning of the final rinse cycle. Repeat the treatment of fabric with this product after each washing.

28705 5 gal. pail
28715 15 gal.drum
28755 55 gal. drum
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