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Dish Machine Detergents - Green Choice Solid Dish

Solid Dish

Non-Phosphated Green Formula Solid Machine Dish Detergent

This product is a green formulated machine dishwashing detergent that provides excellent cleaning performance while being safer to use and environmentally friendly. Cuts food soils and grease equal or better than traditional solid detergents. Formulated without phosphates, alkali hydroxides, NTA, EDTA, nonylphenols or other toxic or environmentally unsafe ingredients. Very effective on greasy pots, pans, dishes, glassware, silverware and cooking utensils. Ideal for use in high or low temp dishmachines. Fortified with special detergent builders for great results in accounts with soft or medium hardness water. Safe for use on aluminum, silver plate, tin, pewter, galvanized and other non-ferrous metals. Solid form minimizes contact.

10948 4x8 lb. case
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