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Rinse Additives - Green Choice Rinse Additive

Rinse Additive

Dishmachine Rinse Additive for High or Low Temp

This product is a "green formula" dishmachine rinse additive that provides excellent performance while being safer to use and environmentally friendly. Designed for use in low or high temperature commercial dishwashing machines. Formulated without nonylphenols or other toxic or environmentally unsafe ingredients. Helps reduce water spotting and produces fast drying of glassware, silverware, dishware, etc. Eliminates the need for towel drying, which is time consuming, contributes to dish breakage, and is a health code violation in most areas. Very low foaming when used correctly. Concentrated and economical to use.

GC5341 4x1 gal. case
GC5305 5 gal. pail
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