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Powdered Oxygen Tank and Equipment Detergent

This product is an oxygen releasing detergent formulated for use in breweries, distileries, wineries, food processing plants and many other industrial applications. Ideal for CIP cleaning of kettles, conditioning tanks, kegs, fermenters, filters, filling lines, transfer lines, packaging equipment, etc. Also an excellent cleaner for COP/Soak cleaning of parts, fittings, utensils, pots, pipes, tubing, and most other process equipment, as well as returnable bottles. Releases oxygen when dissolved in water, thus providing powerful oxidation of protein soils, carbon and fatty acids. Safe for use on stainless steel, aluminum, glass and plastics. Low foaming for easy rinsing. Contains chelating agents for great performance in hard water areas.

94928 2x8 lb. case
94925 25 lb. pail
94950 50 lb. drum
94901 100 lb. drum
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