Private Branding

The Advantage of Being Unique!

For nearly 50 years, Crown has been a strong advocate of building market identities through customized private branding. There is no better way to establish loyalty and repeat orders than by providing end users with high quality, fairly priced products that can only be purchased from one source. This gives distributors a distinct marketplace identity, which distinguishes them from those who carry the “me-too” brands that seem to be available from every other supplier in town. Private branding eliminates restrictions on growth, territory or profit margins.

The Benefits of Private Branding

Crown has developed private brand programs for hundreds of distributors, large and small. We deliver significant advantages not available from many other chemical manufacturers:

  • Get Away From Selling the Same “Big Name” Brand As Every Other Distributor
  • Increase Your Sales Territory, Profit Margins and Overall Growth
  • Establish a Unique Market Identity Unavailable to Other Distributors
  • Build a Reputation for Selling Quality Products
  • Establish Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

Why Private Brand with Crown?

  • A Comprehensive Line of Unique Products – Liquids, Powders and Solids for a Multitude of Applications
  • In-House Graphic Label Design and Development
  • Low Minimum Custom Private Labeling with Full GHS Compliance
  • Private Branding of EPA Registered, Kosher Approved or Safer Choice Certified Products Available
  • A Portfolio of Customized Marketing Support Materials (Flyers, Brochures, Bulletins, Photos, etc.) Which Add a Level of Strength and Trustworthiness to a Marketing Program

Beyond the Brand

Attractive labels and marketing materials are to be expected from a private brand program. At Crown, we offer much more to qualifying distributors.

Few companies in our industry can match the level of service, experience and flexibility we provide:

Field Support

Crown employs Account Managers who have years of hands-on experience in foodservice, laundry, janitorial and industrial accounts. They are well qualified to offer advice on product choice, procedures for use, equipment selection and setup, troubleshooting problems and much more.

Laboratory Support

Our full service laboratory allows us to provide exceptional product analysis, custom formula development, research, and technical support. We have extensive experience in analyzing competitive products and developing matching or improved chemistries. Over the years, we have examined hundreds of products in our lab, and have helped distributors find a better alternative time and again.

Custom Blending

Our minimum production quantities for custom formulas are among the lowest in the industry. We offer customized blends of liquids, powders and solids to meet your specifications, with minimums that vary according to product type, content and complexity. Contact us for more information.

Toll Blending Services

Crown offers blending and packaging services for liquid, powder and solid formulas provided by OEM companies, retailers, marketing companies, and other chemical manufacturers. Toll blending can be provided as a full turnkey program, or with materials and/or packaging supplied by the customer. Products can range from strong alkalis to acids and most product types in between. We do not offer blending for flammables, food or pharmaceutical-grade products, explosives, emulsions, oils or some other product categories. We are centrally located in the continental U.S., and ship nationwide through a variety of carriers. Confidentiality is always assured. See more information about our production capabilities or contact us for more information.

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